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The Jefferson Davis Room

 $135 per night, includes a farmhouse-style breakfast.
Maximum occupancy: 2 

Full bath located in Hallway, immediately adjacent to Room

Families or couples traveling together may book the entire upstairs. Ask about Group Rates.

This Presidential Suite is centered around an impressive, full-size mahogany bed

surrounded by magnificent Empire-period furnishings.

Jefferson Davis 
The east bedroom
is named in honor
of the President of
the Confederate States
of America. 

Jefferson Davis was a celebrated veteran of the Mexican War (1846–1848), a U.S. Senator from Mississippi (1847–1851; 1857–1861), Secretary of War under U.S. President Franklin Pierce (1853–1857), and the only President of the Confederate States of America during the American Civil War (1861–1865). Tall, lean and formal, Davis was considered to be an ideal leader of the Confederacy upon his election in 1861, despite the fact that he neither sought the job nor particularly wanted it. Davis was a war hero, slaveholder and longtime advocate of states’ rights who nevertheless was not viewed to be a radical “fire-eater,” making him more appealing to the even moderate Southerners. Colonel Scottie Myers is often invited to portray President Davis at reenactments and Living History events across the South. Lucky visitors to Pleasant Ridge might even get to meet this former President of the Confederacy first hand!

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